Hi! Gorgeous! When it comes to shopping for swimsuits, there are many options you can choose but it's hard sometimes cause there's a whole hoard of things we unnecessarily worry about we don't know how to fit to new trend so I spend far too much time ruminating over one decision: Which of swimsuit I should pick them for you? 

After I traveled from Los Angle back to my place, I start to think the days I spend there. In fact, I really need one swimsuit cozy but sexy.So where we may have left our itty-bitty string bikinis in 2006, maybe it's time we let them back into our lives. And it's not just us. We can see minimal style goes everywhere, we can see it on Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian West, Kourtney


All those beauties inspired me chasing my own beauty and released my power! whether you're ready to channel your inner Kardashian(because obviously they DGAF about trends and string bikinis are a regular part of their clothing rotation) or you're just looking for a pain-free way to tan this year, shop our picks ahead.




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